Friday, July 10, 2015

We always find our way back home

Adam announced that Andy Grammer's "Back Home" song is his favorite, and I agree.

I'm gonna need you to raise your glass
I don't care what you put in it
Here's to nights that you can't take back
We live hard but we love to laugh ...

And no matter where we go, we always find our way back home.

Here's a few of the things we did in June and July:

Visiting Katie and Baby Sawyer (and Tony, Sam, and Teagan, too!
They're moving to Nebraska this fall, so gotta spend time with 'em while we're in the same state.)
I chaperoned Adam's field trip to the zoo. Fun day.

When Aaron was looking for photos to go on a photo board for my 40th, he realized there weren't any
photos of us with his mom, so we had this one taken at Ben's party. Isn't she cute!?

We walked down to the lake at the end of his birthday party.
Last bday party in Forest Lake - we'll just have friend parties from here on out.

Oh, what a sweet family. (Wait, what?!?)
Taste of the Nation
Adam was my helper while working the Luxury Home Tour
Aaron is SUCH a good coach. (I might be biased, but other parents seem to agree.)
Family vacation this year at The Gathering Place in Birchwood, Wis.

The "out-laws"

Annual vacation to Crivitz, Wis. - Kayaking down the Peshtigo River

When the motor konks out, you swim/push the boat across the lake (gotta EARN those beers!)

Good times with good people (I even forgive them for being from Green Bay)

The golf cart -- a welcome addition at Holly & Kev's cottage

The kids!