Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer: Part B

Annual family trip - this time to a cabin on the Namekagon River in Hayward, Wis.

This looks like a good spot to sit.

Tremblay's Sweet Shop, Hayward
Wilderness Walk Zoo & Western Town 

The peacocks just roamed the grounds. So beautiful.
Pizza farm!!
Third year visiting the Pizza Farm in Pepin, Wis.

Guest of honor
Trying on my new sunglasses
Playdate at Karla's house when Becky was in town from San Diego
Popsicles before the Adults vs. Kids basketball game
Camping at Willow River in Hudson, Wis. (It was J's bday - so we made him sit in a chair. King Jeremy!)
We hiked a mile for this (twice). The first time we got caught in a torrential downpour at night. Toads were EVERYWHERE on the path back to our tents (I kicked one toad like a soccer ball. Ewwww!) Our friend Russ had a MOTH fly into his ear canal and get stuck inside, wings beating against his ear drum for HOURS before it finally died & our friend (a doctor) was able to extract it with a tweezers. The next time we hiked to the waterfall—during the day—it was much more relaxing. 
I've never sat UNDER a waterfall before.
Over by the grotto
Another first - sitting in a grotto. Just an amazing day all around.
We hiked to the outlook, despite the staircase being broken.
Cuuuuute couple!
It was a long drop down
Robyn joined us at the campground one night (she lives in Michigan).

Aaron's grandma Margaret turned 80. She looks and acts like she's 60. Such an inspiration.
Austin County Fair (they like their farm machinery in southern Minnesota)
Fun rooftop "date" with Aaron, Alex & Kelly (Adam was at a school lock-in)
Helping dog-sit our "niece," Bella. Such a sweet girl.
Old-fashioned fun
Meeting at Central Park in Roseville when Jesse was in town from Cali
Two (two?!) Pokemon tins from Auntie T. So generous!!
Small family bday celebration for Adam's 7th. (He's having a party with friends in September.)
Aaron took a week off to spend time with the boys. They had an adventure every day.
Cutest baby in town!! Christopher
Fun bbq at Em & Ben's house (Adam tried to photobomb the pic and failed).