Friday, June 7, 2013


First day of preschool. September 4, 2012.

Last day of preschool. June 4, 2013.

In the beginning, he clung to me, crying, screaming, holding on for dear life. I had to physically remove his (surprisingly strong) hold on me just to get out the door. In the beginning, he had to stand on a chair at his spot at the window—waving goodbye, tears streaming down his sad little face—as I pulled out of the parking lot. It somehow made him feel better to watch us go. Sometimes Ben would cry, too. I felt like a horrible parent. Were we doing the right thing? Were we abandoning him?

Now he voluntarily takes off his coat and hangs it in his locker. When I say goodbye, he gives me a hug but lets go quickly, eager to play with his little friends. He still stands on the chair and waves, but there is a smile on his face now, and he sometimes climbs down off the chair before I've had a chance to really wave back. He doesn't need this ritual anymore, it's just become part of his routine.

When his teacher told us he's doing "awesome" and she couldn't believe how much he's grown since this fall, I had to fight back tears.
Congratulations, Adam. We are so, so proud of you.

Aaron was in Santa Cruz, Calif. for a work trip or he would've been in this one, too.
The cheering squad
Me next!